• ProAct Project Details

ProAct Health Solutions

ProAct Health Solutions is an innovative early stage healthcare services company focused on revolutionizing chronic care, with an initial focus on Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Good Methods Global was engaged by ProAct to develop the system for providing the virtual  infrastructure behind their innovative business and recommending and integrating additional COTS modules for pieces of the system that were better suited for integration rather than custom development.

We drove through the FirsSTEP requirements engineering framework with ProAct and captured the requirements accurately and comprehensively for all aspects of the business model.

We built a full fledged simulation of the system and produced a protocast (visualization video) that was incorporated by ProAct for delivering the vision to stakeholders, participants, and potential investors. The simulation has also been for market research and product development.

The application development process  is defined by our technology leadership to use agile techniques like early and frequent iterations/releases, continuous re-factoring and integration, test driven development, accurate metrics collection, and early customer feedback.